Forgive the Technical Bullshit

I really want to finish my Near Dark series. Not only because I love talking about Near Dark, but because I have close to 70 (and counting) DVDs here, just screaming to be recognized…never mind the hundreds of movies on streaming. Unfortunately, I have a temporary glitch–I need the proper software to rip DVDs, not only to show video clips on my stagnant podcast, but to take lift interesting images for the blog. See, I didn’t realize that without conversion software that all I would get would be a grey page. Clever, movie studios…but fuck you anyway.

And good DVD conversion software ain’t cheap–the one I’ve used for so long has gone up $20 goddamn dollars, ie $69.99 a year. Yeah.

So, I’m searching for cheaper but still effective software. I won’t waste time on this, but Near Dark part III will be on hold for a few days, which is obnoxious as hell. In the meantime, I’ll do what I do in life–talk about whatever pops in my head that is horror-related. It’s like my Baby Girl told me when she was a precocious six year old after I laughed at my own lame joke: “You just amuuuuse yourself, don’t you?”

And I do. I find myself fascinating, which comes in handy when you’re an introvert. Besides, I still get to talk about horror, which is the entire raison d’ętre of this blog–to talk about horror as much as I damn well please.


Dig my FLOOR head.

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