Liberated From the Sofa

Unfortunately, the asshole roommate that is my body rose up against me and I’ve been forced to sofa-surf the past few days…which will happen, from time to time. I can temporarily lock the asshole out, but unfortunately, the lease cannot be broken. It’s okay; I came to terms with this decades ago. And thanks to very effective $5000/mo medication (and ACA covering nearly all of that $5000/mo…for which I’m grateful.Funerals are expensive and my family is broke), I manage to keep him locked out more often than not…and now, he is out.

Which means the Flawed but Worthy post on Outcast will be ready by end of day. And I’ll try to be more consistent. Whether anybody reads this blog or not, I’m having a blast writing about a subject near and dear to my heart, and those closest to me are spared my constant horror stream-of-consciousness. In other words, fuck you, roommate–I’m back.

Miss me?

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