Behold, I am Fio–Vaccinated and Alive (Mostly)

Here we go again with the inconsistent posting. But this time I have a note from my doctor. The good news is that I got both Moderna shots–and before anybody thinks we jumped the line, the tiny crackerbox of a hospital in our skidmark of a town (population: 183…and yes, I find that terrifying) is a mere mile down the road from our house. MB is a hometown boy, so of course everybody knows him…literally…which I also find terrifying. Anyway, he gets a call on a Friday night telling him that two of the teachers who had first priority dibs to vaccines went stupid anti-vaxxer (don’t even try to take me on; I will leave psychological scars. Maybe physical ones, as well); the upshot is either we needed to come right now and take them or they would have to throw them out.

Goddamn right, we would! Great news! Except I got knocked on my ass both times. Autoimmunity is just a fancy term for “my body is a moron”, so as soon as the nurse hit the plunger on the hypodermic and all that lovely 90% effective Moderna vaccine flooded my body, my idiot immune system went full psychotic: “INVASION! INVASION! KILL…EVERYTHINNNNGGGG!!!”

Literal re-enactment of my deranged immune system being a dumbass. Which would be so much cooler if I weren’t too cheap to have gifs.

Let me assure you that “sorry I haven’t posted, my immune system ate my homework” is not going to become a thing. It hasn’t been for most of my adult life and I have no plans to change. But I gotta admit, the mystery virus (we couldn’t get tests in this…retro…state unless we had fevers of 103F, so I still don’t know if it was COVID or not) wreaked havoc on me and its been infuriatingly difficult getting back on my feet; the vaccine was just another setback..and goddamn well worth it (please don’t be a dumbass; get vaccinated as soon as it’s available). And rest assured, my reaction was not at all standard, but rather a hysterical autoimmune response.

Gotta admit, though–writing Ravenous, Part III (and even having Part III is fucking ridiculous, anyway) is becoming a slog, so I’m going to be a slacker and go on a mini rant about self-appointed lay reviewers plagued with a specific chump god complex in which they are so convinced of their own opinions that anybody who disagrees with them is lying.

See: IMDb.

Fully-Vaccinated Fio

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