Short Cuts

Despite my fractious history with YouTube–which I’m not going to get into, because I still want to re-create an Uncharted Hell channel–whenever I’m cleaning or performing some other equally despicable task, I like to listen to horror content to distract myself from the horror of tedium: true crime, serial killers, psychopaths–especially psychopathic women–“Let’s not Meet” narrations, horror audiobooks and the like. But I tend not to listen to videos about horror films, partly because there are too many reviewers, both amateur and professional, who just can’t help but give away entire plots…and also, because it really pisses me off if I think the reviewer is being unfair, make sloppy mistake, get entire plot lines WRONG, are sexist, short-sighted and/or stupid…especially when they complain about lack of gore, jumpscares, boobs or that it was “borrrrringgg”. I’ll admit it. I take that shit personally. Don’t get me wrong; most aren’t…but I’ve been burned too many times to risk it.

But I’ve discovered a YouTube channel featuring short, fun horror reviews/analyses that are entertaining and yet well-informed: WhatCulture Horror, an offshoot of the more generalized WhatCulture. I’ve been listening to them for a few months now and I rarely have to scream at the the narrators for getting details wrong or besmirching great indie classics. The creators at WhatCulture Horror don’t limit themselves to bits such as “10 Horror Remakes Better Than You Remember” (okay, I did yell at this one, because only one of the remakes were worthy but anyway…), they also talk about behind the scenes stuff and special techniques directors use…such as the video I listened to today, 10 Subtle Tricks Horror Movies Use to Scare You. As much as I know about horror, I am woefully ignorant about the film-making process, so I especially enjoyed this one. If you have ten minutes to spare, go check them out!


After several months of impatient waiting, I was finally able to watch A24’s Saint Maud. Why? Because I haven’t seen an A24 movie yet that I didn’t like and/or love. I’m so impressed with their productions that I barely glimpsed at the synopsis of Saint Maud; I assumed that it would be good. And I was right. Saint Maud knocked me the fuck out. Saint Maud centers around a troubled and newly converted Roman Catholic nurse, Amanda (Morfydd Clark). After some hazy trauma/scandal, she quits her job at the hospital and takes a job as a personal carer for former dancer Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), who is dying from stage 4 lymphoma. After a powerful incident of religious ecstasy, Amanda feels God’s presence and believes that God wants her to save the decidedly not saint-like Amanda’s soul…but, like, who said that presence was holy…? I love it so much that I’m buying the DVD based on that single viewing…*looks around, whispers* I might even pay retail. Yeah. THAT good. In the meantime, I’m not saying a word about it, because first I want to analyze the shit out of it. There is a whole lot happening within those 85 minutes and I’m looking forward to watching it again and again until MB stages another intervention (I can become a wee bit obsessed. See: Kill List). It’s streaming now on Amazon Prime and Epix and I highly recommend it.

That ending…wow.

Coming soon!

Speaking of exciting new indie horror I loved so much that I immediately bought the DVD, next up is festival favorite The Dark and the Wicked. It takes a lot to scare me, but The Dark and the Wicked really got under my skin. How scary was it? Well, not so scary that I won’t watch it alone (eg The Exorcist), but I did find it comforting that MB was home.

This indie horror Renaissance is still thriving–there are so many good/great horror films coming out that I can’t even keep up with it. If only all my problems were this good…

Streaming NOW on Shudder and Amazon Prime!

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