Short Cuts

As usual, I’m having way too much fun writing about horror and, also as usual, I’ve gotten carried away: the second half of Evilspeak will have to wait until tomorrow. Brevity–I need to learn it. In the meantime, MB and I watched Caveat on Shudder, an absolute mindfuck combo of psychological horror and maybe/maybe not paranormal happenings, as well. I won’t even attempt to analyze it without at least a second or fifth viewing because it’s just one of those murky kind of movies where a single viewing simply isn’t enough. Until then, I’ll practice some brevity and limit myself to this simple synopsis: shady Barrett (those sideburns alone are suspect) offers amnesiac Isaac a job: babysit his mentally ill niece, Olga, for five days. According to Barrett, he is worried about Olga, who is still traumatized by her father’s suicide and living alone in a decrepit, isolated house…and he’ll pay Isaac two hundred pounds per day for his trouble. Seems simple enough. Too simple.

Of course, there is a catch i.e. a caveat: the house is located on a small remote island…and Isaac has to wear a locked leather harness attached to chain, which will limit his movements to two rooms. I know, I know–you have to suspend some disbelief. I was able to by assuming that after a year-long stint recovering from a nasty head trauma and consequential amnesia that Isaac is desperate for money. Once there, Isaac uncovers horror after horror, slowly triggering dark memories buried deep beneath the surface.

Again, I need to re-watch it–perhaps multiple times, especially the WTF ending–before I can do the film justice. In the meantime, go check it out, if for no other reason than to see the most deranged Peter Cottontail ever.

Also this bitch.

Streaming exclusively on Shudder.

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