The main purpose of this site is for me to have an outlet to talk about horror as much as I please…yes, really (See Fioletta, Part 2)…but not just any horror; enough has been said about the big blockbuster horror movies. Instead, I want to focus on the lesser known horror films: indies, international, cult classics, classic-classics, mumblegore, experimental, critically reappraised, unfairly critiqued, horror-thriller, deep-dark fantasy, obscure, underrated, under-appreciated and every other horror film which hasn’t received the recognition it deserves. Too many genuinely talented creators are still struggling to get their films made–resorting to crowd-funding, having doors shut in their face, backers who get too involved and then only to have their work go by unnoticed.

It is my mission to convince at least a small minority of people–critics, viewers, creators–that horror is legitimate art form and should be treated with the same respect with any other artistic genre. Too many critics, producers, studios and even fans are far too dismissive of horror and this blog is my possibly unseen form of protest.

Also, I get to talk about horror movies.