Streaming Now: Banshee Chapter

I don’t scare easily. After the first thousand or so horror movies, you build up a tolerance. But I do have my thumbscrews like everybody else, and H.P. Lovecraft, numbers stations and MKUltra, all three prominent elements in Banshee Chapter, is a pretty goddamn potent combination. Not only scares me….it scares me every single time … Continue reading Streaming Now: Banshee Chapter

From the Voices in my Head: Nobody’s Hacked the Reviews, Dumbass

While I do have a halfassed system for checking reviews–there are too many great horror films out now to waste my time on yet another hack-hack flick about some rando motiveless superhuman serial killer consecutively taking out a pool of boring 30 year old teenagers whose sole purpose is to be slasher chum. I just … Continue reading From the Voices in my Head: Nobody’s Hacked the Reviews, Dumbass

Not Dead Enough to Quit…I think

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a…”condition”. I don’t like to say what it is because I have this superstitious belief that if I do, I will somehow empower it…which isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds: autoimmune assholes–which is the technical name for autoimmunity, because that’s what they are, biological assholes–are very susceptible to stress … Continue reading Not Dead Enough to Quit…I think

Ravenous (1999), Part II: Wendigos, Wétikos and the Colorado Cannibal

Recently, I read a review on Ravenous that pissed me off so badly, I wanted to hunt down the reviewer so I could bite him. Hard. Not because he didn’t like the movie–film reviews are, by their very nature, subjective–but because he got every single thing that was possible to get wrong…wrong. It could be … Continue reading Ravenous (1999), Part II: Wendigos, Wétikos and the Colorado Cannibal

Ravenous (1999): Cannibals, Wétikos and Manifest Destiny, Part I

Unfortunately, most Wendigos aren’t literally cannibalistic…and no, that’s not a typo. Don’t get me wrong; I am hardly a defender of people-eaters…but even the hungriest Wendigo can only consume so many humans–the Wètikos have been known to consume entire nations.


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