Short Cuts

As usual, I’m having way too much fun writing about horror and, also as usual, I’ve gotten carried away: the second half of Evilspeak will have to wait until tomorrow. Brevity–I need to learn it. In the meantime, MB and I watched Caveat on Shudder, an absolute mindfuck combo of psychological horror and maybe/maybe not … Continue reading Short Cuts

Short Cuts

Despite my fractious history with YouTube–which I’m not going to get into, because I still want to re-create an Uncharted Hell channel–whenever I’m cleaning or performing some other equally despicable task, I like to listen to horror content to distract myself from the horror of tedium: true crime, serial killers, psychopaths–especially psychopathic women–“Let’s not Meet” … Continue reading Short Cuts

Streaming Now: Banshee Chapter

I don’t scare easily. After the first thousand or so horror movies, you build up a tolerance. But I do have my thumbscrews like everybody else, and H.P. Lovecraft, numbers stations and MKUltra, all three prominent elements in Banshee Chapter, is a pretty goddamn potent combination. Not only scares me….it scares me every single time … Continue reading Streaming Now: Banshee Chapter

From the Voices in my Head: Nobody’s Hacked the Reviews, Dumbass

While I do have a halfassed system for checking reviews–there are too many great horror films out now to waste my time on yet another hack-hack flick about some rando motiveless superhuman serial killer consecutively taking out a pool of boring 30 year old teenagers whose sole purpose is to be slasher chum. I just … Continue reading From the Voices in my Head: Nobody’s Hacked the Reviews, Dumbass

Not Dead Enough to Quit…I think

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a…”condition”. I don’t like to say what it is because I have this superstitious belief that if I do, I will somehow empower it…which isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds: autoimmune assholes–which is the technical name for autoimmunity, because that’s what they are, biological assholes–are very susceptible to stress … Continue reading Not Dead Enough to Quit…I think


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